Write a Press Release

Many times itâEUR(TM)s relatively easy to get a local paper to write an article about your business. You can get instructions online for how to write a press release, or hire someone to do it for you (see links below). This is especially good when your business is unique, or youâEUR(TM)re just starting out.

Not only is a news article free advertising it also has the credibility of being a piece of news instead of an ad.

Press Release Template

Places to Post Press Releases

Write Articles

You can write articles about your industry and post them to article websites. You include a resource box with your website URL in it. The article websites distribute your article through the web with the agreement that anyone who uses your article has to keep it intact including your resource box.

Here’s a link for a site that has listed a lot of the article directories. If one of the niche directories is a good fit for your business, I would start in that section.