LearnHub.com is a tool that allows you to put up a free or paid course with videos and tests. It’s a cool tool that can help you build credibility. Your best strategy may be to charge for the classes and invest the money into advertising. Not only do people take paid classes more seriously, but with more advertising you may get a bigger turnout.


YouTube.com isn’t only popular with millions of people, it’s also popular with Google. More and more you seen YouTube videos coming up in the search results for Google. You can put both a brief description of your video as well as a link to your site in a post on YouTube, so it can certainly be a traffic magnet.

What kinds of videos might you make?

  • Tour of your store/prodiucts/etc
  • Customer testimonials
  • PowerPoint presentation
    Note: You can do this for free using MS Movie Maker, click here for video instructions
  • Informational video with instructions on how to use your product, or some related material
  • Screen capture training, where the end user sees your screen and hears your voice
    Note: Camtasia is a great tool to do this as well as an easier way to convert your PowerPoint presentations
  • Video of a special event
  • etc.

You can use an inexpensive digital camera to take your video. This is handy as it makes it realitively easy to upload the files to YouTube.