New Youtube Feature

I guess youtube is ready to try and start making money… They have a new feature that’s sponsored videos.  Right now this represents a fantastic opportunity. It’s PayPerClick, meaning you only pay when someone clicks to view your video.

The reason this is exciting is because it’s an auction kind of system,  (the more you pay the higher you are on the list of advertisers), but there aren’t a lot of advertisers on it yet. This is a huge advantage for bidding on keywords. I was able to get keywords like build a website for 10 cents, and actually show up number one for that search. This hasn’t been the case in any other ppc search engine for about 5 + years.

Here’s a video with more info.

Get Your Direct Mail Piece Opened

One of the key things you need to accomplish when sending out a direct mail piece, is to get your envelope opened.

Here are a few tricks to get your letter opened…

  • Put some extra stamps on your envelope – The most extreme level of this, is to use all one penny stamps
  • Use large envelopes
  • Hand write the address (labels will reduce your open rate)
  • Hand write a personal note
  • Use a small envelope
  • Use a different color
  • Use a cartoon

The idea is to get someone curious about what’s in the envelope. You’re using the envelope to sell them in the idea of opening it.

Use Post-it Notes

A post-it note is a great way to advertise your website. You can get printed post-its, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

How about this… Every time you send someone a letter, you put a sticky note on it with your web address. Hand write the note and assuming it’s readible, your site will be promoted even more.

Using FAQ’s

Creating an FAQ page is a great way to build credibility into your site, make more sales, and save time.


  • Include the most common questions you’re asked
  • Answer the questions directly
  • Add a form where people can ask you questions
  • Keep a positive tone

Do Not’s

  • Use FAQ’s just for sales, while some questions like, “how are you able to offer…” are acceptable, those questions should be in the minority
  • Create an FAQ page with fewer then 5 questions

All and all, an FAQ page is a great tool you can add to your website.