Squidoo Lense

Squidoo is a very simple way for you to create a site. Since you have control of the page, you can make it about a niche subject and link it to your site. Additionally, you can create as many different pages (they call them lenses) as you want. Check out Squidoo.

Using FAQ’s

Creating an FAQ page is a great way to build credibility into your site, make more sales, and save time.


  • Include the most common questions you’re asked
  • Answer the questions directly
  • Add a form where people can ask you questions
  • Keep a positive tone

Do Not’s

  • Use FAQ’s just for sales, while some questions like, “how are you able to offer…” are acceptable, those questions should be in the minority
  • Create an FAQ page with fewer then 5 questions

All and all, an FAQ page is a great tool you can add to your website.

Speed Up for the Slow Down

When the economy goes up, your marketing eforts should go up. Why? Two simple words, market share. If your competitors are cutting marketing dollars, that leaves the door open for you to capture market share.

“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” ~Warren Buffett

I can hear you now, “but I don’t have any money.” If you have no cash flow, you must not have much business, so that means you have an abundance of your greatest resource… Time. Invest some time using the free resources on this site.

One last note about marketing in a slow economy, make sure you are testing. Just because you need to market, doesn’t mean that you need to keep spending or start spending, a lot of money on marketing that doesn’t work. The simplest way to test is to ask a simple question, “how did you hear about us?”

Featured Client Contest

Run a contest among clients with the winner receiving a featured spot on your website, and/or in your newsletter. Not only is this a clever way to keep in contact with your clients, the winner will be more likely to send you some referrals.

This is a great prize for to use as insentive for people signing up for your newsletter. I might do this myself.

Organize a Meeting

A powerful way to position yourself as an expert as well as get in front of more potential clients, is to organize a regular meeting. This could be a networking meeting, a learning seminar, or just a fun get together of people with a similar interest.

The site Meetup.com will streamline this and even hook you up with people already looking for a group in your area.

Email Signature

In this day and age, email is becoming the preferred form of communication. At the bottom of each email should be a link to your website. You would be surprised by the shear number of emails you send out on a week.

Not only is this a great way to promote your site, it also is a point of customer service. Many times when people get an email from you, they’ll want to get more information and that’s where your website comes in.