How to Google+ Circles Can Grow Your Business

The main purpose of joining social media sites, such as Google+, is to grow your network, gain exposure, and generate customers for your business.

Google+ circles are great when it comes to creating brand awareness and building an audience for your online marketing presence. Circles are similar to “Likes” on Facebook and “Followers” on Twitter; it is used to build a network of people who are interested in your business, products, or services.

However, many people find that Google+ circles are more “user-friendly” than other platforms like Facebook. For instance, its “drag and drop” feature makes it quick and simple to add people into your circles.

Not only that, but you can create many different circles in Google+ and only add relevant people to each circle. As a business owner, it is recommended that you create separate circles for your business prospects, clients, employees, family – or any other segment that relates to your needs.

This makes sharing information a lot easier as it can be tailored only to those groups who have an interest in what you are sharing.

You can also create specific marketing campaigns to target specific circles.  The nice thing is that if you offer different types of products and services, you can create individual circles based around those specific things; allowing you to target even further.

Keep in mind that social media is about more than “selling” your products and services. It creates a way for you to “build relationships” with your target audience, which will in turn create more loyal customers over time.

By sharing helpful and interesting information with them, such as tips, videos, or photos, you can quickly build trust and authority status.

With good, valuable content, it won’t take long to find more people to join your circles because the people in your circles will recommend it to their friends, family, and other associates. Although it takes time to manage, growing Google+ circles is not hard for most people.

Due to the explosive growth of Google+, businesses can no longer ignore this amazing digital tool. With more than 170 users, it is a very powerful way to generate more exposure for your brand.

Twitter – Useful or No

First, what is Twitter? Here’s a video that explains it a bit better.


Twitter is a different kind of tool it allows you to watch and be watched on a whole new level. I think it’s an especially good tool for hyping upcoming events, or product launches.

Trick of the Trade:
Do you want more people following you? Find people who are interesting to you and have a lot of people following them, and follow the followers. In other words, let’s say you really liked this certain business person, you could see all the people following that business person and follow them. By default, when someone starts following you, you get an email. When someone gets that email about you following them, they may start following you.

Stumble Upon – Gang Theory

You may be familiar with a site called It’s a very addictive site that allows you to browse sites based on recommendations from other members. You can also put together a group of members who have common interests and stumble upon the pages the different members found useful.

Basically, you have a tool bar at the top of your browser and you click a button and it takes you to a random site someone else (or many others) say is good. You can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the site to increase or decrease it’s rating.

Of course you could sign up and just give a thumbs up to your own site, but that will only take you so far.

Here’s my idea… Get a group of business people together and create a group on then each member gives thumbs up to the sites coming through the group, allowing each site to be rated positively by several people (as many as are in the group). You would probably want to create a separate login for this, as you don’t want to be sending the normal humor pages, etc, to the group.