Website Development

Web designers generally fall into two categories. First, and most common, you have the graphic designers who have learned some about web design or who outsource the coding. Second, you have coders who focus on function 100% over form. While their sites can function well, they are often hard to look at, and don’t show your business in a professional light.

Our focus is different. We start with the goal of giving you a great return on investment. Your website is an internet marketing tool. Done right, it helps you get more business today!

The focus on marketing means that sometimes we choose form over function, and sometimes the other way around. You decide what the goal is. What do you want your prospect to do? Then we keep the goal in mind as we develop the site.

Additionally, we focus on giving you a living document. Your website needs to be something that you can keep fresh and continually build on. To facilitate this, we build in systems that allow you to update your own website.