The Word of Mouth Lie

One of the most widely held pieces of misinformation relates to word of mouth advertising. Specifically, business owners believe if they do a good job, people will tell their friends. This is just plain false.

You’ll understand why, when you realize two facts. First, people expect you to do a good job. Generally you are only noticed if you some how manage to wow them, or if you disappoint them. Second, most people don’t naturally talk about businesses, even ones they’ve had good experiences with.

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Why Choose You?

You can easily use all of the tools in this blog to help promote your business and still get little results. The reason is simple. Consumers are completely overwhelmed with marketing messages. You need to create something that separates you.

You need to answer the question, “Why Choose Your Business Product or Service?” A good answer to this is a USP (unique selling proposition).

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