Tip for Processing Email

A few months ago, I set a goal to empty my inbox. It all relates to Getting Things Done by David Allen and Inbox Zero.

To make a long story short, I had to process 10’s of thousands of emails. During this exciting work, I figured out something. When you are processing email it’s much easier if you sort by “from” instead of the default of sorting by date. This puts all of the messages from the same people together. This makes it easy to delete a block of spam all from one person (click on the first message, hold down shift, click on the last message, press delete). Additionally, it makes it much easier for reply’s because if someone has sent you multiple questions, you can read all and reply to all in one email.

To sort by from you simply click on the Column Name (in Thunderbird that’s ‘sender’, but I believe in Outlook Express it’s ‘from’).

Using this method I’m often able to process a couple hundred emails within 20-30 minutes, including answering several.

Don’t Market Your Business, Unless You Are Ready toâEUR¦

I was reading one of the Guerilla Marketing books (great books by the way), and it said that you need to make sure you have your customer service right before you use any great marketing tactics; otherwise you will only speed up the demise of your business.

I saw a great example of this on a trip to the beach. A small ice cream stand had sent a girl (about 10 years old) out to pass out coupons for a free ice cream cone. This was truly Guerilla Marketing, and it seemed to be working.

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Why Choose You?

You can easily use all of the tools in this blog to help promote your business and still get little results. The reason is simple. Consumers are completely overwhelmed with marketing messages. You need to create something that separates you.

You need to answer the question, “Why Choose Your Business Product or Service?” A good answer to this is a USP (unique selling proposition).

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Stumble Upon – Gang Theory

You may be familiar with a site called StumbleUpon.com. It’s a very addictive site that allows you to browse sites based on recommendations from other members. You can also put together a group of members who have common interests and stumble upon the pages the different members found useful.

Basically, you have a tool bar at the top of your browser and you click a button and it takes you to a random site someone else (or many others) say is good. You can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the site to increase or decrease it’s rating.

Of course you could sign up and just give a thumbs up to your own site, but that will only take you so far.

Here’s my idea… Get a group of business people together and create a group on StumbleUpon.com then each member gives thumbs up to the sites coming through the group, allowing each site to be rated positively by several people (as many as are in the group). You would probably want to create a separate login for this, as you don’t want to be sending the normal humor pages, etc, to the group.

Write a Press Release

Many times itâEUR(TM)s relatively easy to get a local paper to write an article about your business. You can get instructions online for how to write a press release, or hire someone to do it for you (see links below). This is especially good when your business is unique, or youâEUR(TM)re just starting out.

Not only is a news article free advertising it also has the credibility of being a piece of news instead of an ad.

Press Release Template

Places to Post Press Releases