Using FAQ’s

Creating an FAQ page is a great way to build credibility into your site, make more sales, and save time.


  • Include the most common questions you’re asked
  • Answer the questions directly
  • Add a form where people can ask you questions
  • Keep a positive tone

Do Not’s

  • Use FAQ’s just for sales, while some questions like, “how are you able to offer…” are acceptable, those questions should be in the minority
  • Create an FAQ page with fewer then 5 questions

All and all, an FAQ page is a great tool you can add to your website.

LearnHub is a tool that allows you to put up a free or paid course with videos and tests. It’s a cool tool that can help you build credibility. Your best strategy may be to charge for the classes and invest the money into advertising. Not only do people take paid classes more seriously, but with more advertising you may get a bigger turnout.