Twitter – Useful or No

First, what is Twitter? Here’s a video that explains it a bit better.


Twitter is a different kind of tool it allows you to watch and be watched on a whole new level. I think it’s an especially good tool for hyping upcoming events, or product launches.

Trick of the Trade:
Do you want more people following you? Find people who are interesting to you and have a lot of people following them, and follow the followers. In other words, let’s say you really liked this certain business person, you could see all the people following that business person and follow them. By default, when someone starts following you, you get an email. When someone gets that email about you following them, they may start following you.

A Good Product or Service isn’t Enough

Recently I switched my Internet provider. My new connection is faster and less expensive. I love the service.

In the meantime I’ve received the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’m truly amazed at the level of apathy this company provides in place of customer service.

Now here’s a company who is advertising like crazy, spending millions to be sure. They have a great service at a good price. Still, I don’t feel I can refer my friends and family. Mind you, when Comcast first came out with high speed I must have helped them sign up 10 or more new customers with my raving broadband. Yep, that’s right, it’s not Comcast I’m talking about.

There is a certain synergy that happens when you put together a great product or service, at a great price, and back it up with awesome customer service. You may be able to have a little higher or even a lot higher price, but you certainly can’t skip the customer service aspect.