Empty Head – Best Stress Relief for Business People

Are you a standard stressed out business person? It’s because you’re thinking too much… More specifically you spend too much of your mental energy on stuff that you aren’t completing.

In the book, Getting Things Done, by David Alan, I was exposed to a brand new idea. This is one of those ideas that as soon as you hear it, you know the truth of it. You say to yourself, “of course!”

The idea is that much of the stress we experience in our lives is because of all of our stuff. He defines stuff as anything in your life that you need to do something with. In other words, tasks represent stuff as well. If we don’t have a trusted system to handle all of our stuff, our brain feels it’s necessary to “remember” each thing.

Every once and a while our brain kicks in and reminds us, “don’t forget the milk.” even though we aren’t in a position to buy milk right now. We have hundreds of open loops in our brain and this creates an over-all feeling of overwhelm.

When we create a trusted system to remind us of things we need to do, when we need to be reminded about them, our brain can take a break. We can empty our head of all of these random problems. This gives us space to be very productive and creative. This is a great first step before you try and accomplish any other business or self development goals.

Even though my main focus for this blog is on marketing, I think this is a great tool to help you be more effective in your business. I highly recommend that you get this book today on Amazon or in audio format Audible.