How to Empty Your Email Box

This post is about managing your email better so you can be more effective. When I started working on this I was amazed at the amount of time I’m able to save with a few simple steps.

Would you be surprised if you found out that you are wasting an hour a week on email? I’m talking about a solid hour that you could be spending on other work.  One hour a week adds up to more than a week of lost productivity a year. I think for some of us this number is actually low.

Breaking just one of the bad email habits (checking it too often) will also make you much more effective in other work that you are doing. Every time we interrupt a task we are in the middle of it takes at least a few minutes to get back into the mindset to work on it again.

Instead of explaining how to get control over your email, I’ll send you to the link for the page where I learned it.

Project Inbox Zero

Additionally, Remember the Milk is a great service for keeping track of tasks. You don’t want to keep track of tasks in your email system, because it’s not a very good tool for that. You need a trusted system.