The Best Prospects on Earth

I’m psychic, I can tell you who your best prospects are. Yep, it doesn’t even matter who’s reading this. It’s your existing client base. The people who are already sold on your business are the easiest people to sell to again.

If you accept this premise, the question becomes,  “what do we sell our existing clients?” For some businesses this is easy. If you sell carpet cleaning or oil changes, your existing customers need your service again after a certain length of time.

If you are in an industry that sells something that people don’t buy as often, you need to get more creative. Maybe you need to sell your existing clients on the idea of referring their friends and family to you. Maybe you need to create a whole new product line just for your existing customers. Maybe, you need to partner with another company that offers a product or service that complements yours.

Hopefully you’ll spend some time thinking about how you can capitalize on one of your biggest assets, your existing client base.