Get Your Direct Mail Piece Opened

One of the key things you need to accomplish when sending out a direct mail piece, is to get your envelope opened.

Here are a few tricks to get your letter opened…

  • Put some extra stamps on your envelope – The most extreme level of this, is to use all one penny stamps
  • Use large envelopes
  • Hand write the address (labels will reduce your open rate)
  • Hand write a personal note
  • Use a small envelope
  • Use a different color
  • Use a cartoon

The idea is to get someone curious about what’s in the envelope. You’re using the envelope to sell them in the idea of opening it.

Use Post-it Notes

A post-it note is a great way to advertise your website. You can get printed post-its, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

How about this… Every time you send someone a letter, you put a sticky note on it with your web address. Hand write the note and assuming it’s readible, your site will be promoted even more.