Email signatures – 7 characters you should include

Before I tell you the 7 characters, let’s look at why you should have a signature. Your email signature makes it easy for the people you are emailing to get more information and contact you. One of the best things to have in your signature is a phone number. I bet you thought, I was going to say website address 🙂 Both are important, but listing your phone number saves steps for the prospect looking to call you.

The web address, is where my tips come in though. First, it’s always useful to use capitalization within a web address in order to define words. In other words, becomes See how the different words stand out and make the address more memorable?

So what are the 7 characters? The answer is ( http:// ). Specifically, adding http:// to your web address turns it from text to a clickable link (in most email programs). So now you know to use not By the way, other programs (like Craigslist) also convert web addresses that have the http:// into clickable links.